Our first project featured a tired and outdated wood kitchen. The original look was characterized by dull wooden cabinets and a lacklustre ambience. The space desperately needed a modern touch and a burst of vibrant energy.

With meticulous precision and an eye for detail, we undertook the task of transforming this kitchen into a stunning masterpiece. By spraying a rich, dark blue colour onto the cabinets, we achieved a breathtaking transformation. The kitchen now boasts a modern aesthetic, radiating elegance and contemporary allure that seamlessly aligns with the homeowner’s style.

Our second project presented another wood kitchen, but this time with a different vision. The wood finish, while durable, felt outdated and lacked the sleek aesthetic the homeowner desired. It was time for a transformation.

We took on the challenge of giving this kitchen a fresh and modern appeal. The choice was an anthracite grey, a sophisticated colour that instantly elevated the space. The result is a kitchen that not only looks stylish but also feels more spacious and inviting.

Our third project involved the exterior of a residential property, specifically the windows and doors. The existing polished wood finish, while classic, no longer resonated with the homeowner’s taste. It was time for a makeover that would enhance the property’s overall curb appeal.

We set out to transform the entrance and rear of the property by spray-painting the windows and doors a striking dark grey. This colour choice added a contemporary edge while maintaining the property’s character. The result is a welcoming and stylish exterior that instantly captures attention and enhances the property’s curb appeal.

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