A Modern Kitchen Renovation with Contrasting Black and White RAL Colours

This case study focuses on Jon Anderson, a retired teacher from Wilmslow, who wanted to revitalize his kitchen with a modern contemporary look. Jon decided to explore the option of respraying his kitchen cabinets and upgrading them using contrasting black and white RAL colours from the classic range. Here we will outline the process, challenges, […]

Wardrobe Spray Painting From Oak To Elegant Grey

In this case study we will look at Carol’s decision to use Wundercoat’s spraying service to transform her stunning bedroom built-in furniture. Carol has always had a keen eye for modern styles ever since she worked at a homeware store to fund her studies at Salford University. She has always kept her home up to […]

Transforming Kitchen Using Wundercoat’s Special 10-Year Guarantee Kitchen Spraying Selemix Paint

Wundercoat do a lot of kitchen spray painting in Manchester, as that is where we are based. In this case study we will be focussing on the experience of Mrs Carpenter who has lived at her home in Didsbury for 25 years. Mrs. Carpenter approached Wundercoat through a referral from a previous kitchen spray Wundercoat […]