This Little-known Lucrative Trade Will Earn You Up to £1,000 per day Within the Next 28 days…

The pandemic came unannounced and dealt such a big blow on lives and livelihoods — not just in the UK but across the globe. In fact, there’s no one person on the planet right now who isn’t somehow affected by it…

If your business or trade has been seriously impacted by the pandemic, or you’re simply looking for new ways to earn big – post-pandemic, there’s a huge opportunity that very few people know about — something that can really be that game changer for you in these uncertain times…

And we’re not talking about retraining to become a plumber, electrician or joiner. Because anyone of those trades costs around £8,000 in retraining fees alone and can take anywhere from 2 to 3 years to master or become fully qualified.

But, that’s not even all…

Assuming you get through the course, then there’s still a whole lot of regulatory bottlenecks and intense competition to grapple with.

On the flip side, did you know that there’s a huge shortage of sprayers in the UK? Well, now you know!

And here is some super important data to keep in mind… It’s a whole new industry so competition is low

You can get domestic jobs spraying kitchens and window frames right through to commercial supermarkets respraying the framework of an entire building.

This trade is already starting to take business away from UPVC window and door manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers, window fitters & kitchen fitters. It’s easy to see why when the average cost of fitting a new set of windows and doors in a popular color like anthracite grey is £15,000 (£25,000 if there’s a conservatory) compared to paying £2500 to £3000 for a respray.

Typical charges are:

  • £175 for Large Window (domestic one side only)

  • £95 for Small Window (domestic one side only)

  • £350 for Garage Door (domestic one side only)

  • £225 for Composite/Upvc Door (domestic one side only)

  • £800 for medium sized Kitchen (domestic)

  • Price range for a full house is between £1,600 to £4,500 depending on size.

  • Average job is £2,500 and takes 2 men 2 days (including a labourer)

Not only that, its eco friendly and lowers the carbon footprint which is something the government is now pushing in light of global warming.

While this trade is lucrative and low-competition, it still requires a certain kind of skill set and some strategy before you can earn top £ with it.

So, what if we hold you by the hand and show you step by step how you can profit from this new trade — without you wasting tons of time on research and guesswork…

You’d like that, right? Great!

Introducing our fairly priced, best in class, training workshops…


Main takeaways from our workshops include:


  • Best coatings & how to mix them
  • Best application processes
  • Best techniques
  • Health & Safety
  • Practical training in work bays
  • Onsite practical training
  • Equipment setup
  • Email support
  • Certificate of completion


  • Best coatings & how to mix them
  • Best application processes
  • Best techniques
  • Health & Safety
  • Practical training in workshop
  • Equipment setup
  • Email support
  • Certificate of completion

Marketing Setup

Ltd company setup

We’ll help set up your own UK registered Ltd company so your business is ready to go from day 1, way before you start trading

Logo design

Our design team will create your very own unique brand logo for your new venture

Website setup

We’ll build out a custom 3-page website, complete with your new brand logo, domain name and customized email address to match your new domain (web hosting not included but can be provided for just £80 per year)

Google AdWords setup:

We’ll set up your own google adwords campaign so that you appear at the top of google’s search results, above all of your competition, so you continue to have a constant flow of leads & customers (not available for students in the North West of England)

You can be the best in the business at your trade, but if you don’t have a steady and consistent flow of customers finding you on the internet these days, then you don’t have a business. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and our marketing set up will ensure that you have this steady lead flow.

OK so, just because we came to you first with this information doesn’t mean you should sign up with our company, right? Exactly!

So, here are a few key features that separates us from the rest of the pack:

  • Faster turnaround time

    With us, it usually only takes around 1 to 2 weeks for the average person to become competent enough to earn a great living from this trade.

  • All-In-One Package

    We don’t just train and then leave you to figure out how to get a steady flow of customers, rather we also help you set up your marketing campaign so you can get a steady flow of leads and recurring customers.

  • First of its kind

    Actually, no other training course offers this much depth in one package, not even popular trainings for plumbing, electricals or anything like that.

*** A snapshot of our impressive results with paid ads ***

Apart from the fact that this trade remains unaffected by the pandemic, customers would rather pay top £ to have their windows & kitchens resprayed rather than replace them.

Why? Because it’s still around 80% cheaper to have them restored (without all the stress that goes with replacing them).

And here’s why you need to grab this opportunity now…

Right now, we can only set up marketing for up to 10 students per month (this training is not currently available for people in the North West).

If you’re among the first 10 to sign up with us each month, we will grant you access to our outsourcing powerhouse — which gives you instant access to highly skilled, low-cost labour from around the world to help you easily market your business — without getting burnt by local social media companies.

So, what are you waiting for? Say Hello to recurring business and earnings as a qualified sprayer in the UK.