Transforming Kitchen Using Wundercoat’s Special 10-Year Guarantee Kitchen Spraying Selemix Paint

Wundercoat do a lot of kitchen spray painting in Manchester, as that is where we are based. In this case study we will be focussing on the experience of Mrs Carpenter who has lived at her home in Didsbury for 25 years. Mrs. Carpenter approached Wundercoat through a referral from a previous kitchen spray Wundercoat did in Withington, she wanted to give her kitchen an uplift by upgrading the outdated colour scheme to a stylish and modern grey using our specialist Selemix paint.

This case study will look into Mrs Carpenter’s background and look at why she chose to have her kitchen done by Wundercoat and how she feels about the results we achieved for her.

Mrs Carpenter has been a chef for most of her life in the affluent area of Didsbury in Manchester. Having spent many years at home cooking as well as enjoying her favourite passion in the workplace, her kitchen had become a little tired and outdated so having seen the results of her friend’s kitchen which we spray painted last autumn, she decided to go ahead and get a free no no-obligation quote from us, and after reading our top reviews online gave us the job to complete.

Mrs Carpenter knew from her friend’s experience and the website gallery that we offered exceptional spray-painting services in Manchester and most of the Northwest to many satisfied clients.

With our teams’ expert advisers, we were able to help guide Mrs. Carpenter through the best options, based on the vision and concepts she wanted, to bring to her a new fresh uplifting grey kitchen. They explained the benefits of using a long-lasting durable paint like Selemix for long-term satisfaction and results.

Once given the green light our top sprayers arrived bright and early and started preparing the kitchen ready for spraying then started the paint spraying in the kitchen. All surfaces must be prepared so that the paint only goes on the areas required, ensuring other areas and floors remain untouched and free from paint.

They applied the Selemix paint as chosen by Mrs Carpener who was absolutely thrilled with the results. The once dull and outdated kitchen was instantly transformed leaving her kitchen like it was just installed, a new vibrant kitchen with a touch of elegance. The grey colour scheme created a sense of sophistication and brought the kitchen a more contemporary modern look.

Mrs. Carpenter was particularly impressed with the paint’s durability and resistance to moisture making it very easy to clean and maintain. The seamless finish created by our team meant there was no need for costly renovations.

By working closely with the client’s specifications, we were able to achieve exactly the look she wanted saving her thousands on a kitchen replacement, with practically zero intrusion to the existing layout and no additional costs for removing old units. Mrs Carpenter now has her dream kitchen that’s breathed new life into her home which she can enjoy the benefits of for years to come.

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