Wardrobe Spray Painting From Oak To Elegant Grey

In this case study we will look at Carol’s decision to use Wundercoat’s spraying service to transform her stunning bedroom built-in furniture.

Carol has always had a keen eye for modern styles ever since she worked at a homeware store to fund her studies at Salford University. She has always kept her home up to date with modern trends, but as times were getting tough since her husband lost his job, she had to look for a cheaper alternative when she was looking to update her bedroom furniture.

Carol is from Hale in Cheshire, a very proud homeowner who takes great pride in her home and likes to keep it stylish and up to date. Carol has a keen eye for design and is a strong believer that her home should be a sanctuary for rest and quality family time, a place to reflect on the week and somewhere her family can enjoy and feel safe. Although Carol has an amazing home, she didn’t have the funds she needed to replace her built-in bedroom suite but wanted to find a way of giving it a makeover without breaking the bank and hoped to achieve a fresh new modern look.

After taking advice from friends and family she discovered that one of her friends had used our services to transform her kitchen several months back, she was delighted with the savings she made against a new kitchen and at the results achieved. Carol’s friend told her that our spraying service was exceptional and the Selemix paint we use is the best on the market.

After speaking with her friend, she also considered several other factors before deciding to go ahead. Carol found out we use an extensive colour range, this gave her the choice of over 200 RAL colours to choose from their classic range, allowing her to match the new colour into her already elegant bedroom, while also noting that with Selemix comes a ten-year guarantee.

Wundercoat’s preparation and attention to detail were also a major contributing factor to her decision. After reading our 5-star reviews on Trust Pilot, she began to build up a picture of the service we offered and the fine quality finish that could be achieved. Finally, she decided to go ahead with us after realising this option was the cheapest available in order to achieve minimal disruption to her bedroom.

Once Carol made the decision to engage Wundercoat’s services, the transformation of her bedroom began. The experienced team carefully prepared the surfaces, ensuring they were free from imperfections, before applying the Selemix spray paint with precision and expertise.

Once the team had finished which took only one day, even with all the preparation involved, Carol was amazed with the result. She couldn’t believe she had saved thousands on a complete replacement of her bedroom furniture. The best thing for Carol was that she could choose the exact colour she wanted which is often limited when choosing completely new furniture.

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